«НОРМЕТ», 2016
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Today 2020-05-29

The company according to the international standard ISO 9001-2011 sampling of ferromaterialy for chemical analysis.

Оксид V2O5  98% Цена USD / lb Китай: US$18.5, Европа: US$18.65

Феррованадий 80% Цена USD / kg Китай: US$79.0/kg Европа: US$79.5/kg


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   11.03.2019 ArcelorMittal прогнозирует, что мировой спрос на сталь в 2019 году
   11.03.2019 НЛМК приостановила поставки слябов на свой завод в США
   11.03.2019 Цены на коксующийся уголь в Австралии резко выросли из-за погодных



The non-iron ore pellets price 7910

Coke foundry 40+ price 20500

The pig iron PL1,2 price 25200 

Cast iron L3 price 32500

Lead C2 175000

Fluorspar concentrate FF-95A price 495$

Copper cathode 495000,00

Nickel N-1 1150000,00

Zinc C0 225000,00

Ingot LS 350000,00

Bronze Brots 5-6-5 460000,00

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«НОРМЕТ», 2016

NORMET operates worldwide in supplying of ferroalloys, noble alloys, minor metals and pig iron to satisfy the needs of the rapid growth steel and foundry industries.

Our team proved to be experienced and reliable in delivering  high-quality resources and professional services for industries on regular basis. Being at the same time flexible and courageous, we take new challenges to follow up the market development and propose you the solutions according to your specific enquiries. We happy to develop innovative methods and new projects with you.


«НОРМЕТ», 2016

Ferro Alloys

Ferro Silicon (FeSi 45 & FeSi 75)

Si Si

C 0.2%max

P 0.05%max

Mn 0.4%max

S 0.2%max

Al 2.0%max


Ferro Manganese (FeMn 78)


C 7.0%max

P 0.25%max/0.35%max

Si 2.0%max

S 0.03%max


Ferro Silico Manganese (SiMn 65)

Mn Si

C 2.0%max

S 0.03%max

P 0.25%max


FeSi Offgrade/Slag from FeSi production


C 10.0%max

S 0.3%max/0.35%max

P 0.6%max

Al 5.0%max

Mn 4.0%max


Silicon Carbide (SiC)


Fe3O2 2.5%min

Al2O3 1.0%max

F.C 2.0%max

moisture 0.5%max


Calcium Silicon (CaSi)

Ca Si

Al 2.5%max

P 0.06%max

C 1.0%max

S 0.06%max



«НОРМЕТ», 2016

NORMET full spectrum of works and services such as logistics, storage, quality control and other supply chain services to consumers and producers of commodity.

Our company delivers industrial materials to the consumer's door worldwide. We use our experience, worked out by long-term practice of professional team, to ensure safe and prompt supply of goods.

We provide our customers high-guaranteed quality commodities, confirmed by first-class independent European laboratories.

Our professional approach is to satisfy all clients' needs and develop our cooperation in a smooth, easy and successful way.

Services List:

  • logistics
  • quality control
  • storage
  • other comprehensive services

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«НОРМЕТ», 2016

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